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How would your business change if you could generate leads or sales on demand with the click of a button?

Maybe you've tried running ads on Facebook or Adwords in the past, and when you didn’t see a return on investment, assumed it didn’t work?

Or perhaps, you've considered promoting your business through paid ads but didn't know where to start?

Most people get overwhelmed, because they think you need to spend millions of dollars on ads (that don’t convert), before you find one that does…

Making advertising completely out-of-reach for every day small businesses...

Reality is, most unsuccessful advertisers are missing multiple key pieces for a successful campaign…

People complain that advertising doesn’t work in their particular business...

But chances are they don’t have an advertising problem…

They have a business problem.

Once you understand the process and have all the pieces in place…

Growing your business becomes a simple matter of turning on the (advertising) tap, and growing your business…

We’ve proven this model over and over again, scaling out multiple 7 figure business in 2017 alone.

Want to see EXACTLY how we generate leads, sales, and grow our brands for as little as $5 a day in ad spend?

What if we showed you the exact systems we use, and walked you through implementing them step-by-step?

And to make the decision to join even easier, if you don't see results after implementing these systems, we'll refund your investment.

Join us, and we’ll pull back the curtain, showing you exactly what you need to know to make growing YOUR business with paid ads so easy, you will kick yourself for not starting sooner.


Discover the Four Pillars For a Successful Campaign


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Businesses live and die by our customers. Understanding your customer not only improves your ability to communicate, but also gives you insights on what channel are best to advertise on.


We start by making sure the landing page is designed to achieve your desired outcome. The landing page is designed to accomplish one simple task. Convert the visitors into a lead of a sale. All campaigns start by designing our landing pages around the needs of our potential customers.
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Now that we know our customer inside out and have crafted an offer catered just for them, we create our channel specific creative. These are the words and visuals we will use to attract potential customers to our landing pages.


Now that we’ve got the first three ‘pillars’ in place, it is time to apply leverage. Choose one of the seven core advertising platforms and start driving your ideal customers to your landing pages and start generating leads and sales immediately.

step-by-step systems you & YOUR TEAM can start implementing today

Bulletproof Landing Pages (product)

Bulletproof Landing Pages

Learn proven and repeatable techniques to create higher converting landing pages, every time, even if you are not a designer..  You'll learn how to apply scientific eye-tracking, and consumer psychology to create high-converting landing pages
Bulletproof Facebook Ads

Bulletproof Facebook Ads

How to create a bulletproof workflow for managing Facebook ad campaigns so that you get the same or similar results with every campaign Our 3 phase process for taking new campaigns from “testing the market” through “scaling sales volume” safely and effectively.
Bulletproof Adwords Ads

Bulletproof Adwords Ads

Discover how average marketers are doubling their web traffic for as little as $5/day with cheap and effective Google Adwords Ads.... Learn how to to generate hyper-targetted and profitable customers using the world's largest paid traffic source for a fraction of the price of Facebook.
Bulletproof Native Ads

Bulletproof Native Ads

Stop waiting for traffic. For as little as $5/day you can get leads, sales, and reach new audiences by tomorrow. Learn how to to create your content in a way that makes it compelling, and where to spend your money for the best ROI.
Bulletproof GDN ads

Bulletproof GDN Ads

Cheaper clicks than Facebook Ads & 10X more traffic. It’s the one ad network in the world where you can start with lunch money and scale up to Rolls Royce level money - PROFITABLY!
Bulletproof Youtube Ads

Bulletproof Youtube Ads

You're just one Youtube Ad away from millions in revenue. Former Googler Reveals Inside Secrets To Youtube Ads Winning Formula
Bulletproof Twitter Ads

Bulletproof Twitter Ads

Learn how to exploit the unspoken goldmine of Twitter Ads. If you love FB ads, then you're going to love Twitter Ads too.

Bulletproof Instagram Ads

Build your first Instagram Ad Campaign with This Simple System Once you've cracked the code on Instagram ads, you will realize why so many lifestyle brands have built their entire business model around this platform.



Ryan Headshot

Ryan McKenzie

  • Vice-President Canada Wide Media
  • Generated 500,000+ leads through paid media
  • Profitably scaled multiple businesses to 7 figures in revenue using paid media
Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke

  • Spent $10MM+ on ads
  • Grew 8 different brands by 10x

  • Founder of
Brad Liski

Brad Liski

  • Senior Vice-President of Integration Canada Wide Media
  • Grew 8 different brands by 10x
  • Author of “Clear the Mind For Success” and “The Sales Refresher”

What People Are Saying

Bryan Kramer

"You can always take a year and go try to figure everything out for yourself, or you can learn from Ryan and get going now." -Bryan Kramer
H2H Marketing, Ted Speaker

Charles Byrd

"If you are looking to scale quickly through cold traffic the first name that comes to mind is Ryan McKenzie. The guy knows what he is doing because he does this all day. He tests, he iterates and he helps businesses blow up, if you want to grow quickly, Ryan is your man." -Charles Byrd
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Charles Byrd
Amanda Dake

"I highly recommend it, if you want up to date information to stay current on what is going on with Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Google, or whatever it is you need to run traffic or get more leads for your business. This is definitely the way to do it." -Amanda Dake
Funnel Kitchen


"When I invest in training, one of the most important things to me is the integrity of the people teaching it. And, they don’t get any better than Ryan, Justin & Brad!" -Trevor Turnbull
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly do I get when I join?

A: As a member you get access to our world class training that gives you all the tools you need to successfully grow your business leveraging ads.  We start with how to create a landing page that actually converts and then cover the seven largest places to advertise in the world.

The current courses include:

  • Bulletproof Landing Pages
  • Bulletproof Facebook Ads
  • Bulletproof Google Adwords
  • Bulletproof Youtube Ads
  • Bulletproof Google Display Network Ads
  • Bulletproof Twitter Ads
  • Bulletproof Native Ads
  • Bulletproof Instagram Ads

Every month we release new execution plans and tested tactics that you can implement in your business immediately to grow.

Q: Things change online so fast, are the courses up to date?

A: We guarantee our core trainings to be fresh, and up to date.  We are constantly updating our programs to ensure that you never see out-of-date material.


Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes! If you sign up and don't love our programs, we'll gladly give you your money back.

Q: I have a team, are they allowed to go through the programs?

A: Absolutely - If you have a marketing team, have them jump in and learn.  


Q: If I join, do I have to commit to a certain amount of time?

A: Nope, on the month-to-month program you can stop at any time.  Unfortunately, we can't guarantee you will be able to get the same rate if you decide to join again in the future.


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What Do I Get?

  • Adskills BulletProof Landing Pages ($99.97 Value)
  • Adskills BulletProof Facebook Ads 2.0 ($99.97 Value)
  • Adskills BulletProof Adwords Ads ($99.97 Value)
  • Adskills BulletProof Native Ads ($99.97 Value)
  • Adskills BulletProof GDN Ads ($99.97 Value)
  • Adskills BulletProof Youtube Ads ($99.97 Value)
  • Adskills BulletProof Twitter Ads ($99.97 Value)
  • Adskills BulletProof Instagram Ads ($99.97 Value)
  • Mastermind In Our Private Facebook Community ($49.95/month Value)
  • New Trainings Added Monthly ($99/month value)
  • Monthly Group call where we reveal what is working in our 7 figure businesses ($200/month Value)
  • Full Subscription to BCBusiness Magazine ($25/year Value)

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