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Nov 29, 2017
Canada’s first all-female angel investor club opens for business
Nick Rockel

Amielle Lake wants to make one thing clear: her new angel investment group may be called Women’s Equity Lab (WEL), but it’s interested in companies run by men as well as women. “We often get referred female ventures,” says the...

Nov 29, 2017
FLO a Canadian company at the forefront of the EV revolution

BCBusiness + FLO There’s an undeniable trend in the automobile industry: more and more people are making the switch to plug-in electric vehicles, and the numbers demonstrate that this momentum is here to stay. However, one of the main impediments to the proliferation...

Nov 29, 2017
BC Children's Hospital's Crystal Ball 2017
Paul Duchart

Over 400 guests attended the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 31st annual Crystal Ball presented by Beedie Development on November 24 at the Four Seasons Hotel. More than $2.8 million was raised in support of pediatric mental health. The evening began...

Nov 29, 2017
In praise of name tags: weekly networking tip from Shepa Learning
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

Academy Award buzz is all over actor/director Greta Gerwig’s new movie, Lady Bird. Gerwig, who wrote and directed the film, tells Chris Knight of the National Post that her experience as an actress gave her a first-hand view of the director’s skills behind the camera.

Nov 29, 2017
Chengdu aims to become China’s Silicon Valley
Janet Gyenes

It’s early morning at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on Futou Mountain, part of the rare bears’ ancestral homeland. A small group of us are huddled against a wooden fence. We’re hoping to glimpse some of the...

Nov 29, 2017
The worst mistake sales professionals make on LinkedIn
Trevor Turnbull

There’s a right and a wrong way to use LinkedIn. One common mistake sales professionals make is to treat it like a sales tool, but the truth is, no one likes to be sold to. Think of it this way: if you...

Nov 28, 2017
BC Chamber of Commerce discusses member survey results at Kelowna dinner
By the Editors

Bruce Anderson made the keynote speech at a dinner organized by the BC Chamber of Commerce to present the findings of its 2017 Collective Perspective Survey. Anderson, chair of Ottawa-based polling firm Abacus Data, helped found Earnscliffe Strategy Group in 1989 and was a fixture on the CBC’s At Issue panel. He thinks...

Nov 28, 2017
Opinion: How to turn stress into strength with an antifragile mindset
Laurie Schultz

Many C-suite executives overlook the benefits of creating an antifragile workplace. Exactly what is antifragility? The term antifragile gained popularity after Nassim Nicholas Taleb published the book Antifragility: Things That Gain From Disorder in 2012. Taleb explored the impact of stress and how...

Nov 28, 2017
5 most popular Canadian biz books from the week of November 20 to 26
Munro’s Books

Best-selling business titles provided by Munro’s Books, 1108 Government Street, Victoria, B.C.

Nov 28, 2017
Nowhere to hide
Steve Burgess

It may be time for a modern update of that classic scene from old gangster flicks. It’s the one where the gang is holed up at the hideout. “Somebody at dis table,” the boss says, looking around, “is a rat.”The...

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