Hong Kong transportation
Credit: Wikipedia

New study ranks urban mobility in 100 metropolises around the world

Every city’s transportation system has its own peculiarities, but anyone who travels knows some are better than others. The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Mobility Index assesses the quality and sustainability of mobility systems in 100 cities around the world using 23 indicators based on three key pillars of sustainable urban mobility: people, planet and profit. It measures financial investments and infrastructure improvements to urban transportation systems, including access to multiple transit modes, active commuting, bicycle infrastructure, commuting travel time, affordability of public transit, digital mapping and payment capabilities, air and emissions pollution, internet connectivity, and more.

The top 10 cities are either European or Asian: Hong Kong, Zurich, Paris, Seoul, Prague, Vienna, London, Singapore, Stockholm and Frankfurt. No city in North America makes it into the top 20 cities ranked in the global index. The highest is New York City, ranked 23rd; in Canada, Vancouver has the most sustainable transportation, at 28th.  



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