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Manning Elliott LLP

Manning Elliott is an established and well respected accounting and business advisory firm, with offices in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. They provide personalized service to companies operating within a wide range of industries in five major practice areas: private companies, public companies, not-for-profit organizations, Canadian, U.S., and cross-border taxation, as well as estate planning and business succession.

Where are we?

Manning Elliott LLP
1050 W. Pender St., 11th Floor
Vancouver BC
V6E 3S7

Articles on Manning Elliott LLP

Sep 23, 2015
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 4: How to Get Your Business off the Ground

As any entrepreneur can attest, starting your own business can be an exciting and complex venture. Manning Elliott partners, Craig Prenter and Harjit Takhar, share their advice on what entrepreneurs should consider when starting up a business, and what important aspects of running a business they should focus most of...

Jun 10, 2015
Professional Accounting & Business Advisory Services

With over 60 years of experience, Manning Elliott has grown to become one of the most respected and trusted accounting and business advisory firms in the Lower Mainland. Its list of clients range from small-and medium-sized private businesses to public companies to not-for-profit organizations. Its accountants and business advisors bring...

Jun 10, 2015
Manning Elliott LLP

Since its inception in 1952, Manning Elliott LLP has grown to become one of the largest, most experienced, and well-respected independent chartered professional accounting firms in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley regions. With more than 150 accountants and business advisors on hand, this progressive firm does much more than...

Jun 11, 2015
Preparing for New Taxation Legislation

Along with the February 2014 federal budget came significant changes to the taxation of testamentary trusts, charitable donations made in a will and life interest trusts (such as alter ego or joint spousal trusts). “New legislation, which will become effective January 1, 2016, will significantly affect estate planning,” says Manning Elliott...

Jun 11, 2015
Your Guide to Successful Succession Planning

In every family business, there comes a time when an owner begins to think about retiring or is unable to continue managing the organization for some other reason. The instinctual choice is often to look to other family members to take over the leadership role. While this scenario can play...

Oct 22, 2015
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 5: How to Become the Best Leader Possible

Behind any successful organization is a great leader and mentor. Whether you’re aspiring to move into a leadership role within your organization or help others by mentoring, the advice from Manning Elliott’s David Diebolt and Ryan Ayre will give you some insight on how to reach the next level. To connect...

Jun 11, 2015
Photos: Manning Elliott At A Glance

Manning Elliott has a respected and trusted reputation in the accounting and business advisory industry, and its dedicated team is one of the reasons why. They were recognized as being one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for 2015. Here are some of the professionals behind the firm.

Sep 30, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 14: The value of offering stock options to employees

Whether the end goal is to motivate your employees to perform at their highest level, retain or attract top talent, or create a structure and environment where workers feel invested in the company, incorporating stock options into your compensation model...

Nov 27, 2015
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 6: How to Work Efficiently

In today's competitive business landscape, in order for companies to remain successful and relevant they need to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently, and have skilled team members who can deliver results. Manning Elliott's Alden Aumann and Andrew Rasheed break down the keys to being smart with your time in...

Jan 1, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 7: How to Expand Your Business into B.C.

B.C. is an appealing market for many U.S.-based companies considering to expand their business. Manning Elliott’s U.S. and cross-border tax advisors, Brent Hoshizaki and Norm MacKay discuss several factors business owners need to keep in mind—including tax considerations, compliance matters and how expansion may affect employees—before making the move. For U.S.

Jun 19, 2015
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 1: How to Manage Foreign Investments

Manning Elliott partners Matthew Ko and Raymond Lu share their insight on how to maximize the value of a tax structure for foreign investments, and lessen the risks when it comes to acquiring target investments. To speak with Matthew Ko, call: 604-714-3642 To speak with Raymond Lu, call: 604-895-8529...

Jun 19, 2015
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 3: How to Compensate Employees Correctly

In this segment, Manning Elliott partners, Harvey Peters and Abbe Chivers explain the key differences between being paid in wages versus dividends, and, from a business owner’s perspective, whether to pay someone as an employee or a subcontractor. To speak with Harvey Peters, call: 604-714-3683 To speak with Abbe Chivers, call: 604-714-3615...

Aug 16, 2016
What companies need to know when expanding their business beyond Canada

BCBusiness + Manning Elliott LLP Ryan Ayre specializes in delivering assurance, tax and business advisory services to both private and publicly traded Canadian and US companies, many with international operations. What are some of the important considerations for Canadian companies planning to expand business overseas? I think it is vital that management consider...

Aug 29, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 13: Two important decisions every business owner needs to make

The drive and work ethic of any business owner is second to none, and it is these two qualities that garner entrepreneurs a high level of respect from their colleagues. However, sometimes that desire to do anything and everything to ensure success can have a negative impact on business. Manning...

Jan 19, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 8: How to Grow Your Business

A good sign for any business is when it's able to capitalize on new opportunities and in a position to expand. However, with growth comes many other factors to consider in order to ensure the day-to-day operations continue to run smoothly. Manning Elliott partners, Warren Haag and Steve Reed share...

Jul 8, 2015
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 2: How to Create a Succession Plan

In this second installment of Ask An Advisor, Manning Elliott’s Rick Gendemann and Sheryne Mecklai discuss how family businesses can successfully implement a succession plan where disruptions are minimized, and the right choices are made. To speak with Rick Gendemann, call: 604-557-5760 To speak with Sheryne Mecklai, call: 604-895-8582...

Mar 1, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 9: How to be an Effective Leader

Wanting to be a leader is very different than actually leading and being someone who is not only respected by colleagues and other professionals, but is an individual making a positive impact on a large scale. Manning Elliott senior manager, Jody Hatto, and firm partner, Harjit Takhar, offer valuable insight...

Mar 30, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 10: How a Business Advisor Can Help Your Business Grow

The startup, operations and growth of a new business can be challenging. A trusted business advisor can provide resources and insight to make the most of your business plan. Firm partners, Navroz Janmohamed and Jeffrey Hunt offer insight into how an advisor can help your business with matters routine or...

Apr 26, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 11: How Government Incentive Programs and Securities Crowdfunding Can Benefit Start-up Tech Companies

The growth of B.C.'s tech industry is certainly attracting a new wave of startup companies that are looking to be the next big thing in tech. However, as anyone who has built a company from the ground up in one of the province's most competitive industries, finding the financial support...

Jun 1, 2016
Ask An Advisor at Manning Elliott LLP, Episode 12: Benefits of Being a Training Organization

Employment training and skill development are two crucial factors that play a huge role in the future growth and success of any business, big or small. Manning Elliott advisors, Blair East and Adam Denny, discuss the value training organizations bring to the table as well as some of the key...

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