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Canadian owned and operated since 2000, is Canada’s original domain registrar and provides a comprehensive array of online solutions for Canada’s largest corporations, small business, non-profit organizations and individuals.

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Vancouver BC
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Dec 16, 2014

Any business seeking a domain name or looking to transfer existing domains and services has plenty of providers to choose from. So why choose First and foremost, because of its reliability. is Canada’s original .ca domain name registrar (in fact, co-founder John Demco founded .ca in 1987 at the...

Dec 16, 2014
One of the World’s Fastest Growing Clubs

How big is .CLUB’s impact? So big that Demi Lovato and 50 Cent are users and promoting it to others. So big that within the first six months of being available, over 150,000 .CLUB domain names had been registered, making it one of the fastest-growing domains in the world. So big that one...

Jan 15, 2015
The Missing Link

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the domain: .link? If your gut response is, “It could be applied to anything,” then you can see see how the domain’s generality is also its strength. The great thing about .link is that it’s a blank canvas businesses can use...

Feb 24, 2015
New Top Level Domains Help Legal Professionals Get Noticed

The recent introduction of new Top Level Domain (or TLD, the part of a web address to the right of the dot) options offers lawyers and law firms opportunities to enhance their online brand identities by creating relevant, memorable web and email addresses. The .LAWYER and .ATTORNEY web domains help...

Mar 19, 2015
Stretch your domain’s potential with .yoga

Try this experiment: take a walk around Vancouver while enjoying a coffee and see how long it takes before you see someone with a neatly rolled-up yoga mat. Chances are the experiment will be done before your coffee is. Vancouver and yoga are so closely connected that it’s hard to imagine...

Apr 24, 2015
Luxury Redefined

How do you enhance your brand’s position and reputation in the digital marketplace? With the new .LUXURY domain, your brand becomes part of an exceptional online community. An innovative concept, .LUXURY is an online platform dedicated to the luxury industry offering brands unique protection policies, exclusive branding tools and a segmented...

May 26, 2015
Canada's Flagship Domain

Like many Internet success stories, this one starts small, and in this case also local. Back in 1987, co-founder John Demco—then the manager of computing facilities for the UBC computer science department—conceived the .CA domain extension. Once approved and officially allocated to him, Demco began registering, managing and assigning...

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