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Sep 12, 2017
What You Need to Know About Estate Planning

BCBusiness + McQuarrie Hunter LLP It’s not uncommon for people to try to avoid the perceived expenses associated with retaining lawyers, at least with regards to estate planning; but taking matters into one’s own hands by establishing joint property ownership can ultimately be costly, as...

Sep 8, 2017
With help from real estate, British Columbians still Canada's wealthiest
By BCBusiness

Here’s a comforting thought to take you into the fall: Canadians are wealthier than ever. That good news comes from BCBusiness research partner Environics Analytics, based on findings from the newest release of the marketing and analytical services firm’s WealthScapes...

Aug 22, 2017
The Top 100 2017: Top 10 Financial Services companies

Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2016: 5,472,000 2015: 5,462,000 Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2016: 2,750,000 e 2015: 2,603,854 e Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2016: 2,079,000 2015: 2,037,000 Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2016: 1,436,911 2015: 1,348,464 Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2016: 787,805 2015: 880,763 Revenue by fiscal year ($000) 2016: 463,476 2015: 444,636 Revenue by...

Jul 31, 2017
Should governments subsidize businesses?
Steve Burgess

The year 1972 was big for the political left in Canada. In B.C., Dave Barrett led the provincial New Democratic Party to a stunning victory over W.A.C. Bennett and the Social Credit Party. And in the federal election campaign of...

Jul 27, 2017
The truth about unicorns
By BCBusiness

Once upon a time, unicorns (companies valued at more than $1 billion) were thought to be rare, but by early 2017, there were more than 200 worldwide, with 113 based in the U.S. Now research by Will Gornall of UBC’s...

Jul 21, 2017
FedEx Still Reeling After Ransomware Attack

Global shipping giant FedEx has been scrambling to restore its online databases after a June Petya ransomware attack wreaked havoc on the company's computer systems and crippled shipments from their European TNT Express subsidiary. This was the latest in a recent global outbreak of ransomware attacks that experts predict will cost...

Jul 12, 2017
The Emergence of Row Homes: What You Need to Know

BCBusiness + McQuarrie Row homes are an attractive option for savvy homeowners looking for value and avoiding a strata As a real estate and land-development lawyer, Greg van Popta has noticed developers favouring row homes over townhomes. Row homes are essentially townhomes...

Jul 11, 2017
The Three Cs of Success

BCBusiness + Grant Thornton LLP As a company owner, how do you choose one professional accounting firm over another? Does size matter? How about reputation? Or perhaps it’s how well the organization treats its employees and clients and whether they engage with...

Jul 10, 2017
5 ways to plan for retirement

BCBusiness + Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd. Retirement planning can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Cindy David, who is one of the top estate planners in the country, suggests a comprehensive range of services that include financial planning, tax, and investment-advisory services to prepare your retirement plan. David, who incorporated under Cindy David Financial...

Jul 10, 2017
FOCUS Selling Systems

The reason for FOCUS Selling Systems’ (FSS) proliferation in a wide variety of businesses is simple: Sales can be difficult. In fact, sales can be the most elusive component of any organization’s success formula—and in today’s competitive environment, sustaining growth and profit is tougher than ever. This is especially true for...

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