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Real Estate

Dec 6, 2017
How Vancouver's industrial land crunch is pushing businesses out of town
Kerry Gold

Peter Spotzl runs a small metal fabricating business in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Since 2016, he’s watched the tax bill for his leased property surge by a whopping $20,000. Spotzl says he now pays $83,000 in taxes annually, thanks to...

Dec 5, 2017
One-third of Canadian baby boomers plan to give their kids living inheritances: survey
By the Editors

A large portion of baby boomers in Canadian cities think their children can’t afford to wait for them to die. A significant number of Canadians aged 52 to 71 are planning to or have already given their children living inheritances to buy property, according to a new survey from Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and Vancouver’s...

Nov 30, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $4 million for the illusion of grandeur in Richmond
Fiona Morrow

Address: 6840 Donald Road, Richmond Price: $4,280,000 MLS: R2209682 The skinny: Five-bedroom, six-bathroom, 4,561-square-foot house on an 11,500-square-foot lot in Richmond. The bling: Let’s be honest here: you’re at the entry level for luxury homes, and you have to prioritize. At this price point, it’s not...

Nov 27, 2017
How will tech’s appetite for office space change downtowns?
Michael McCullough

Along bustling Westlake Avenue, running up a gentle incline from South Lake Union to the highrise heart of Seattle, about half the lunch-hour pedestrians and patrons sitting on café patios sport the distinctive blue lanyard and badge of the

Nov 27, 2017
New Kamloops office tower sparks revitalization

BCBusiness + National Hospitality Group A new office development in the works in Kamloops is sparking excitement in a downtown area revitalization while attracting new businesses and creating jobs in this Interior city. A six-storey building development, called 580 Victoria, is part of...

Nov 24, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $5M for a place where you can live together and apart
Fiona Morrow

Address: 34801 Ferndale Avenue, Mission Price: $5,200,000 MLS: R2126768 The skinny: Two-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,973-square-foot house (plus a 2,900-square-foot coach house) on 42 acres in Mission. The bling: Living together is hard. But splitting your not-inconsiderable assets would be even tougher, right? It’s simply unthinkable to be reduced...

Nov 23, 2017
Vancouver video game mainstay Relic is moving its HQ
By the Editors

Relic Entertainment, the venerable Vancouver video game developer, is getting a new mothership. In mid 2019, Relic will move from its current Yaletown HQ to Nickel, a 71,000-square-foot property being developed by PC Urban Properties Corp. on a former industrial site in Mount Pleasant. The company, whose neighbours will include Saje...

Nov 23, 2017
Industrial Real-estate Crunch Hits the Valley

BCBusiness + Frontline Real Estate Services Businesses that regard the Fraser Valley as the solution to their industrial land needs would have been startled by Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun, who at a recent public event announced: “We will run out of serviced industrial land within the next five years at the current rate of intake.” Nobody is...

Nov 16, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $8M for a house that will change your point of view
Fiona Morrow

Address: 1505 Tolmie Street, Vancouver Price: $7,799,000 MLS: R2217368 The skinny: Three-bedroom, four-bathroom, 2,620-square-foot house on a 4,150-square-foot lot in Point Grey. The bling: There is nothing like a bit of edge to help sharpen the senses. Off-kilter and angular, here is the home that eschews...

Nov 16, 2017
Parksville has the highest percentage of homeowners in British Columbia
Nathan Caddell

Metropolitan areas lead B.C. in percentage of renters Among cities and municipalities with more than 5,000 people, Parksville leads British Columbia with the highest percentage of homeowners. Almost 82 per cent of home dwellers in the Vancouver Island city own their property, according to recently released data from the 2016 census. Other areas...

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