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Real Estate

May 5, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $6.5 million for a piece of Vancouver movie history
Fiona Morrow

Address: 1661 West 45th Avenue, Vancouver Price: $6,500,000 Listing ID: R2136661 The skinny: Six-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,309-square-foot house on a 9,583-square-foot lot in South Granville. The bling: There’s nothing like a bit of movie magic when you want to indulge your dreams of owning a...

Apr 21, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $12 million to dream bigly in suburbia
Fiona Morrow

Address: 7120 No. 5 Road, Richmond Price: $11,880,000 Listing ID: R2139278 The skinny: Ten-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 14,157-square-foot house on approximately four acres. The bling: You have to admire the insouciance of suburban life—that refreshing lack of concern about style, or taste, or engaging...

Apr 3, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $7 million for a hacienda in East Vancouver
Fiona Morrow

Address: 2555 East 40th Avenue, Vancouver MLS: R2143022 Price: $6,800,000 The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,453-square-foot house on a 9,240-square-foot lot in Collingwood. The bling: Who says you have to go west to live like a king? An East Van address can be just as...

Mar 22, 2017
The tech industry and transit hubs drive demand for Vancouver commercial real estate

BCBusiness + Informa In Vancouver, the real estate buying frenzy has attracted much attention and speculation. And although the city's residential real estate market is often dominating the headlines, what’s happening on the commercial side of things? Kevin Desmond, CEO of...

Mar 16, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $19 million for a Shaughnessy mansion with spicy backstory
Fiona Morrow

Address: 3333 The Crescent, Shaughnessy Price: $18,880,000 MLS: R2143192 The skinny: Ten-bedroom, six-bathroom, 11,598-square-foot historic mansion on a one-acre lot in First Shaughnessy. The bling: Grab a brew, pull up a pew, and settle in: this one’s got game. Rattle an old house, and...

Mar 2, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $25 million to blend in with the woodwork in North Vancouver
Fiona Morrow

Address: 2250 Indian River Crescent, North Vancouver Price: $25,000,000 MLS: R2141230 The skinny: Four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 8,537-square-foot house on a 5.6-acre private estate in North Vancouver. The bling: It’s OK. We know these are trying times. It’s so hard being a billionaire with a...

Mar 1, 2017
Key strategies for making smart real estate investment decisions

BCBusiness + Manning Elliott LLP Potential investors often want to know the simple answer to a complicated question: what is the best option for real estate investment? Though there’s no clear-cut answer, there are some key factors to consider when looking...

Feb 23, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $20 million for a peak party palace
Fiona Morrow

Address: 5425 Stonebridge Drive, Whistler Price: $19,950,000 MLS: R2128330 The skinny: Nine-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 9,700-square-foot estate on 5.5 acres in Whistler. The bling: You’ve given in and put winter tires on your fleet of luxury cars, so may as well have a reason to drive them...

Feb 16, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $47 million to live like a lord
Fiona Morrow

Address: 1238 Tecumseh Avenue, Vancouver Price: $46,800,000 MLS: R2138016 The skinny: Five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 10,000-square-foot house on a 20,000-square-foot lot in Shaughnessy. The bling: Forget all that nouveau, ultraluxe, new-build nonsense. The real sign you are not simply richer than Croesus but come from old...

Feb 9, 2017
Big Fat Deal: $6 million for fancy in the front and all business inside
Fiona Morrow

Address: 1949 West 37th Avenue, Vancouver Price: $5,988,800 MLS: R2135368 The skinny: Five-bedroom, six-bathroom, 3,796-square-foot house on a 6,000-square-foot lot in Vancouver. The bling: Appearances can be deceptive. We all know this. On the outside, you’re a regular guy. Your suits are good quality...

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