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Nov 23, 2017
Holiday networking for introverts: weekly networking tip from Shepa Learning
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

If you dread the office holiday party schmooze, here’s an easy way to get through the event with a minimum of forced networking. Volunteer to help out. There’s always a need for people to welcome guests and give out drink...

Nov 20, 2017
Opinion: 5 tips for doing business in China
Alistair Vigier

This October I travelled to mainland China for just over a month to explore the possibility of opening a Beijing branch of Hart Legal, the B.C.-based law firm where I serve as vice-president. I also wanted to bring fresh organic juices...

Nov 20, 2017
Opinion: Survival guide to holiday networking
Gayle Hallgren-Rezac, Judy Thomson and Darcy Rezac

The season of end-of-year networking events, holiday parties and receptions has already started. Here’s your guide to surviving and thriving through the busiest connecting time of the year. The holidays offer some of the most active networking opportunities, but for most...

Nov 20, 2017
The straight dope on dealing with impairment in the workplace
Felicity Stone

The impending legalization of marijuana in Canada means businesses should look at their workplace impairment policy. Employment lawyers J. Geoffrey Howard, a partner at Roper Greyell LLP in Vancouver, and Cindy Zheng, associate at McQuarrie Hunter LLP in Surrey, discuss who can do what at work

Nov 16, 2017
Leadership: BMO’s Mike Bonner nurtures a new generation of leaders with a mix of drive and empathy
Scott Neufeld

In business, the person leading at any given point isn’t necessarily the one with the title and the corner office, says Mike Bonner, senior vice-president at BMO Financial Group, who heads the bank’s B.C. and Yukon division.“Leadership has nothing to do with the business card; it has nothing to do...

Nov 16, 2017
Leadership: Copperleaf CEO Judi Hess promotes women in tech
Felicity Stone

Judi Hess supports affirmative action. Since becoming CEO in 2009 of Vancouver-based Copperleaf Technologies Inc., she has increased the number of female employees from roughly 10 per cent to about a third. Over that period, the company’s total staff rose...

Nov 15, 2017
Leadership: BCLC boss Jim Lightbody is on his game
Nick Rockel

At age nine, Jim Lightbody found himself thrust into a leadership role. In his native Victoria, Lightbody belonged to a talented soccer team, some of whose members went on to play in the National Hockey League (ex–Vancouver Canuck Geoff Courtnall) and represent Canada in soccer and rugby. The squad had...

Nov 14, 2017
The Over 16 Billion Dollar Problem Every Business Has

BCBusiness + Wellness Matters Every employee needs time off and that comes at a price. According to a study done by the Conference Board of Canada, the average employee takes 9.3 days off a year. While this doesn’t sound like much the actual cost to employers was $16.6 billion in 2012. The Conference Board of...

Nov 14, 2017
Leadership: Property developer Renee Wasylyk shares some home truths
Richard Littlemore

There is no perfect leadership style—no prescription that will work for every CEO, or every wannabe, in every enterprise. Check the back issues of the Harvard Business Review, and you’ll find a long history of leadership fads, many of which still have merit. But for Renee Wasylyk, founder and CEO...

Nov 14, 2017
Leadership: Shoulder to shoulder, Lyndon and Jamie Cormack lead global phenomenon Herschel Supply
Nick Rockel

So, this is where my kids’ backpacks got their start. At Herschel Supply Co. headquarters in East Vancouver’s rough-hewn Railtown neighbourhood, the atmosphere on a sunny August morning is brisk. About 130 of the company’s 170 employees work here, alongside founders Lyndon and Jamie Cormack, who are chatting with staff.

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